"Love the Pen stand and the Photo frame. Very innovative design concept!!! Highly recommendable seller!!"

Reeta Mukhopadhyay -Mumbai, India

"I bought some paperclips from Small Idea as a gift for a friend who makes bread - I thought the idea of paperclips in the shape of bread was both quirky and cute. I had great customer service from the site; the products were wrapped beautifully and there was even a small something extra and a personal note. The paperclips were gorgeous when seen in person - very realistic and well made. My friend really loved the present!"
                            Elizabeth Penn, UK


"I had gifted my son a pen-drive which had a sandwich and coke attached to it. Nothing in the market matched the creativity attached to the technological product which made it special for my teenage son. I still remember the twinkle in his eye on seeing such an ingeniously beautiful USB drive. He told me that his friends complimented for having the coolest pen drive. Great product, greater creativity makes Small Idea a big deal"

                            Radha Sharma, Senior Assistant Editor, The Times of India, India 


"I purchased croissant cufflinks from small idea. It was supposed to be gift for my Beau. The service was great and I got matching earrings as a surprise gift!! Don't hesitate to buy!!!"

Kate Meyers, Virginia, USA 


"I have cookies wine charms. They were to be Christmas gift. However I ended up keeping them for myself!!! They are so real looking; I drool every time I use them."

Erin Donovan, Home maker.USA


"Amazing! Great quality and freebies thrown in also! Thanks so much. I will definitely buy again."

Kelli Elligett, Australia


Shirali, I had bought a Coffee table tray from one of your exhibitions long time ago... It is to date sitting on my table. You do amazing miniature work I have seen. Wishing you success.

S k Singh Mumbai, India


"great paper clips and wonderful to work with seller. sent a second package after we thought the first was lost"

Jennifer Camp, USA



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