Whimsical ideas, quirky designs, utilitarian products with a touch of humour and temptingly realistic miniature characterize my work. The realistic look of my product is imitated from original forms found in day to day life. My work is often imbued with minute and painstakingly applied details, food miniatures is my favourite recurring theme. Having lived in Asia, Middle east and Africa, I draw inspiration from many cultural landscapes of my life-path.

I started my career as a fashion designer in the 90's. After working for over a decade in retail industry, I switched gears entirely and began working with clay. I took formal training in Pottery and Ceramics Fine art in 2003 . In early 2005 I accidently found a new medium called polymer clay and was completely intrigued by its versatility. A ceramic piece could take me weeks to complete, but with polymer there is instant gratification and unlike ceramic you can see the results immediately.

Though I have set aside my designing career to work in polymer clay, I have not lost my love for the rendering and sketching. I frequently combines my skill as a Fashion designer with other media in my work. In recent years I also had an opportunity to added metal clay skills to my repertoire.

Shirali lives with her husband Jim and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Bailey” in Singapore. She works full-time developing her business and sells her work at online store on Etsy.


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